Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nights 88 and 89

Hi and welcome back!

First off, I would like to tell you the answer to Friday's trivia question. The answer is Aconcagua!  Aconcagua is located in Argentina, and it is 22,837 feet high.

I know I've mentioned that the tree frogs sometimes keep me awake at night.  Yesterday we took some video (audio doesn't post for some reason) so you can hear what they sound like. It's posted at the bottom.  They go like this ALL night.

Unfortunately, my little brother J has not slept out with me yet. He was hanging out in the tent with me yesterday afternoon, and he was all excited to stay in the tent last night, but mom decided that he should wait until it's a little warmer.

J Hanging Out
Even though J didn't sleep out, Maisy did! She was much calmer than she was before, because I took one of her bones out with us.  She was either chewing on that or curled up at the foot of my sleeping bag the whole night.

Today dad and I hiked at dusk, and it was raining harder than we realized. I stayed dry and dad got wet, even though only the front of my jacket is waterproof, and his whole soft shell is water repellant. We had especially good times up the hill (9:39 for dad, and 10:28 for me).

Thanks for reading!


  1. LRC, I just discovered your blogspot through your grandparents LRC and JCC, JCC being my sister. I came home from a visit with them and read your entire blog. I am so impressed with your persistence in your commitment to sleep outside every night this year and then to write about it. It's such a unique experience, I'm so glad you're documenting it! I just listened to your audio of the tree frogs and I must say I am envious. We live north of you and our 'peepers' will not be out for some time yet. They can be loud, for sure, but what a nice sign of spring! This morning I was happy to hear a variety of birds, including robins, on my walk. Isn't early morning a great time to be outside? Love it! I will be looking forward to you next post, LRC. Stay dry! Aunt J

  2. Good morning LRC,

    Still enjoying your posts and keeping up with your progress.
    Even though the tree frogs make some noise, I bet it's a better sound than that of the coyotes!
    It's hard to believe you've been outside a full 3 months already! A quarter of the year done! Wow!
    Keep up the good work and the good words!
    Another Aunt J