Sunday, March 17, 2013

Night 75!

Hi and welcome back!

First, welcome the new viewer from Ukraine, and I'm glad to see that someone keeps coming back from Portugal, Germany, Canada, and a few other places, too!

Maisy in the Morning
Last night my dad brought Maisy out to the tent, and she kept us up for at least half an hour, because she was jumping around and licking our faces. We kept trying to get her to settle down in one of our sleeping bags, because it was pretty cold, but she was too hyper.  When we woke up, Maisy was gone. One of the doors was open, and she fit under the fly, because it wasn't zipped too tight.  We yelled for her, and she came bolting back into the tent.

No leash!
This morning we tried hiking with Maisy off the leash.  She has never been off the leash (other than when she runs away), so we were surprised that she never went much more than 15 feet away from us! I think she will have a lot more fun hiking now, because she won't be pulling at the end of the leash the whole time.

Our time up the hill was about 13 minutes, which was good, since I had 16 pounds in my backpack, and there was some snow on the ground.

This afternoon my family went climbing with some of our friends (including C-Man, TS, ER, and a few others I might have mentioned before) at a climbing gym nearby. It was a lot more crowded than it usually is when my dad and I go, which meant we had to wait to climb a lot of the time, but it was still a lot of fun.  We all did some top roping and a little bouldering.

Thanks for reading!

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