Monday, March 25, 2013

Night 83

Hi and welcome back!

Last night my mom actually slept in the tent with me!  I decided that for my post tonight I would ask her a few questions about it.

1) Were you comfortable overnight?

I was more comfortable than I thought I would be, but I was cold, and I woke up with a stiff back and a sinus headache.

2) How did you feel at first about sleeping out?

I was excited to spend some time with my first born, but although I love the outdoors, I've never really enjoyed sleeping outside.

3) Did you wake up at all?

I woke up about 1:15 a.m. and was awake for probably 20 minutes.  But then I didn't wake up again until about 5:45, when freezing rain and snow were hitting the tent.

4) Were you warm enough?

Even though I was wearing a Capilene base layer (top and bottom), yoga pants, a hoodie sweatshirt, and heavy wool socks, and I was in the 20 degree bag with a flannel-lined bag over top of me as a blanket...I was cold, yes.

5)  Was there anything that surprised you about sleeping out?

I thought this tent would be more like the Polaris, but you're very exposed to the elements, and it doesn't provide any warmth whatsoever.

6) What was your favorite part?

When you and I were laughing uncontrollably at Maisy running in and out of the tent.  The funniest part was when we thought she brought a dead mouse into the tent, but it was just a pine cone.

7) What was your least favorite part?

Being cold and feeling a little claustrophobic.

8) Would you sleep out again?

Ask me again when it's warmer.


Dad and I hiked up the hill a little before dinnertime tonight, and we had a good time to the top (about 12:15).  We never did get any snow, so I guess that's about it for winter.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Dear LRC,

    Good questions for your mom! It was great to hear a different perspective.


    1. Thanks for commenting!
      I might ask some other people might sleep out so you can hear from even more perspectives.


  2. Dear LRC,

    What a great job you are doing on your blog! Keep up the good work and I will make sure I get to read more about you and your family in the near future.

    Mrs. B.

    1. Thanks for reading Mrs. B! Be sure to keep reading--you never know what might happen in the back yard!


  3. You said with all the layers of clothes you were still very cold. This might sound silly, but have you ever tried sleeping with less layers on? Near the comfort of your house seems like an ideal place to try it.

    I've been camping for the past ten years and I have heard some people say that sleeping with less layers on will keep you warmer(providing a good sleeping bag is present). Personally I prefer this, with the correct sleep system. Generally speaking just a pair of gym shorts. It has to do with the air in the sleeping bag being the insulator, and what stays warm. And the clothes block that. I'm not really sure of the science behind it (if any).

    You might disagree and say I'm silly, but it seems worth a shot at least, especially with warmth so close.

    1. Sometimes a good pair of fresh socks too. My feet get a little cold