Thursday, March 21, 2013

Night 79

Hi and welcome back!

First, I want to say thanks to Kevin at his blog "see Kevin go" for mentioning me in this post on February 26.  He lives in Kansas and he said a lot of nice things about me and my project.  If you have some time, make sure to check him out.

Two Woodpecker Holes
Even though it was in the high 20s overnight, and my dad was in a 20 degree sleeping bag, he was complaining about being cold just before sunrise. He thinks it was because he was up against the side of the tent.  I think it was because he's soft.

Somehow he convinced me not to hike in the morning, which I knew we would regret.  It's just too easy to stay in a warm sleeping bag on a cold morning.  After school we hiked up the hill, and I had a time of 13:30.  His time was 13:45 because he stopped to take some pictures.  So I actually didn't regret hiking later in the day, because we had fun.  Plus, the sun was up, and I was able to stay warm in just a base layer shirt and no coat.

We shot some video this afternoon of Maisy.  She's still being really good about staying close when she's off the leash, but you can see from this that sometimes she comes to us only when she wants to. I think she's a slave to her nose.

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