Sunday, March 24, 2013

Night 82

Hi and welcome back!

No Fly
Since dad and I took the fly off the tent last night, it was a tiny bit colder than it would have been with the fly. It was nice to be able to look up and see the sky and moon. There's a picture at the right to show you what the tent looks like without the fly. It doesn't hold any heat in this way, that's for sure.

Today I found out that the reason I saw the Easter Bunny walking up the hill was because it was hiding Easter eggs for an egg hunt that was part of the bazaar.

When we hiked today, our time was pretty much blown, because Maisy was NOT listening.  I did time how long we were looking for her instead of sticking to the trail, so we knew about how much time to subtract to get the correct time.  Our time was about 14:10 after we subtracted the time spent searching.

Tonight mom is definitely sleeping out, so you can count on hearing about it tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, this is really cool to read about. A friend posted a link to your blog on Facebook.

    I love camping, I am actually an Eagle Scout and am in Army ROTC right now. Back when I lived at home (college campuses aren't very conducive to sleeping in a tent) I would sleep outside a lot, I definitely slept better.

    Have you ever tried hammock camping?

  2. Thanks for commenting!
    What are going to do do in the army? I never have tried hammock camping but I do want to try it some time.


  3. I am not sure, I would either like to do Military Intelligence or Military Police, I will find out when I am a senior.

    I really recommend it. I did a week of canoeing in the Minnesota boundary waters and all six of us camped in hammocks. The gear guy from our outfitter thought we were crazy and insisted we brought his tents anyways. So we checked out the tents. And then put them in the locker with the other gear we weren't taking with us.

    The thing that I probably like most about the hammocks is the versatility that they bring. With a tent it can be pretty difficult to find a level area, and then once you have that you need to find one without roots and stuff. The hammock just levels itself out. If you ever are interested in trying them out or having any questions feel free to ask. I actually just camped in mine last weekend, and it was about 15-20 degrees the two nights I was out.