Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Night 118

Hi and welcome back!

Last night I woke up cold in the 40 degree sleeping bag, so I moved to the 20 degree bag. Then an hour later I woke up sweating so I moved back to the 40 degree bag. I'll be happy when April is over.

Today my dad, my brother J-- and I hiked to the pond. When we got there we noticed a long, wormlike creature/plant in a big puddle by the pond. My dad and I estimated that if you stretched it out it would be 15-20 feet long. My dad put his hiking stick underneath it and picked part of it up. We noticed that there were tiny beadlike things inside it.

My dad and I plan to go back to the pond for the next few days to see if it has moved or changed at all. If you know what it might be, let us know!

Thanks for reading!

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