Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Night 98

Hi and welcome back!

I would like to welcome the new viewer(s) from the country of Georgia.

Last night it was the warmest night yet. I slept without a RidgeRest beneath me, with the 40 degree bag unzipped and draped over me like a blanket and yet I was still hot. My dad came out at about 12:00 and slept in the 20 degree bag (that was zipped up) with the thermostat lining with a RidgeRest beneath him and he said that he wasn't hot at all.

This morning my dad and I tried to go as quickly as possible again today. We had an even better time today than yesterday of about 10 minutes. Thankfully Maisy stayed with us today because our neighbor warned us about seeing a coyote in the field right behind our house.

Thanks for reading!

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