Thursday, April 11, 2013

Night 100!

Hi and welcome to the new reader from Russia!

Last night there was a really bad thunderstorm and it POURED along with it. I was woken up at about 9:00 by a loud boom. A few seconds later I heard another boom, and it was some of the loudest thunder that I've ever heard.

After about five minutes of thunder and some lightning that was within a mile (I could only count to two between the flash and the thunder), my mom yelled out and tried to convince me to come inside. I refused to, even though she didn't stop nagging, so I stopped listening to her and went to sleep.

100 Nights, No Washing!
This morning my dad and I hiked at about 6:00. We had a fairly good time up (about 12 minutes), but when we were on top Maisy started chasing what we think was probably a rabbit. She ran so far that we could barely hear her barking.  Thankfully after a while she came back.

As I mentioned in the title of this post, Wednesday was my 100th night in the tent!  I think I told you that my grandmother knitted me a hat for Christmas, and I've worn it to sleep every night so far this year. It has never been washed, but my mom said she is going to try to sneak it into the washing machine this weekend.

Thanks for reading!

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