Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nights 114 and 115

Hi and welcome back!

Yesterday when my dad and I hiked it was in the mid 50s. On our way up we saw the moon rising, so we stopped and tried to take a picture of it.  It was amazing, because the time it took for the whole moon to move above the horizon was only about two minutes!  We had a painfully slow time up of about 14:30.

A few days go my dad bought me a ThermaRest self inflating sleeping pad, which is more comfortable, more compact, and a little warmer than a RidgeRest, so last night I tried it out. I read that for extra warmth and comfort some people put a RidgeRest underneath their self inflating pad so I did it, and it worked really well. The only time that I woke up overnight was when Maisy rolled me off of the pads.

Today when my dad and I hiked it was in the mid 50s once again.  We had an OK time up of 12:50. On our way down we found a robin's egg that my dad was able to take a picture of.

Since I have had trivia questions on each of the 7 summits this week's is going to be related to them. Who was the first person to climb all seven of the 7 summits?  I'll give you a hint: he's the owner of Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah.

Thanks for reading!

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