Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nights 106 and 107

Hi and welcome back!

I had a pretty mild night in the tent on Tuesday, and I slept pretty well.  On Wednesday morning we got up and hiked before school.  Our time up was just under 12:00.  We kept Maisy on the leash, and it was a good thing, because we saw three deer in the field and two more in the woods on top of the hill.

Sun's Up!
Last night it was pretty warm when I went out.  I had some trouble sleeping, because there were two dogs barking across the valley, and the peepers were really loud down at the pond.

I was freezing at around 1:00 this morning, so I moved from the 40 degree Slumberjack bag to the thermostat lined 20 degree bag (which was out there in case my dad came out overnight).

I woke up around 5:00 today and went inside to wake up my dad. We then went on a surprisingly warm hike (mid 50s). We had a pretty good time of about 11:15 up and 12:00 down.

Thanks for reading!

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