Thursday, April 25, 2013

Night 113

Hi and welcome back!

First I would like to wish my favorite teacher a happy birthday.  Also, hello to the new visitor from Israel!

On Tuesday night when I went out to the tent there were no ticks, but I saw a jumping spider on my sleeping bag. My dad was outside when I found it so he took a picture of it and helped me shake it off of my sleeping bag and get it safely out of the tent.

Yesterday Maisy and I hiked, and on our way up I noticed that there was a ton of poison ivy on the side of the trail. Thankfully Maisy stayed clear of it.

Last night when I went out to the tent It was just overcast, but by the time I woke up a little later it was POURING. My mom was yelling out to me to come in, but I refused to. While she was yelling Maisy escaped and came out to the tent with me. She was content all night long which was good.

Thanks for reading!


  1. L- My 4th grade Reading class was on your blog today. We are reading Hatchet. My students were surprised at what you are doing and many want to try it. Congratulations on getting through the tough winter!
    Mrs. B in PA

  2. Dear LRC,

    Have you read "My Side of the Mountain?" I don't think it's as good as Hatchet, but I'm curious what you think. (I am reading it right now.)

    Your cousin, JC