Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Night 105

Hi and welcome back!

Last night my dad brought Maisy out around 12:30. Maisy was much more energetic than she usually is in the tent, which I think was because my dad was out there. She did not attempt to get out at all which surprised me, because she almost always does.

New Maple Leaves
I was able to wake my dad up to hike today because he wanted get out of the tent so Maisy would not annoy him any more.  She can sometimes be a pain when she licks your face when you are sleeping.

When we hiked today it felt like it was going to rain but thankfully it held out until after we returned. We put Maisy on the leash for a change today so she wouldn't run away. We had a decent time today of about 11:45 up and 12:00 down.

We took this picture of some of the new leaves on the maple tree out back.

Thanks for reading!

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