Friday, May 3, 2013

NIghts 119 and 120

Hi and welcome back!

On Tuesday night I didn't take a watch out to the tent so when I woke up and thought it was 5:30 because there was a light on inside so I went in. Once I came inside I found out that it was actually 4:45.

When my dad and I hiked yesterday we found out that the thing in the puddle hadn't moved at all but when I hiked today I found a smaller one in a nearby puddle.

Last night my dad slept out so I let him sleep on the inflatable pad. He didn't want to sleep on it at first because he said that since he was 1.5 inches off of the ground he felt like he was on a pedestal but he eventually got used to it and now he likes it.

My dad told me to be on the lookout for PORCUPINES because he has seen some of them in the yard and because the last thing that I want is a porcupine in my tent.

Thanks for reading!


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  2. Yes porcupines can be a real sticking point in a tent

    1. Thanks for commenting again Hunsta. I've never had a porcupine in my tent, and I hope I never do, but I imagine they would definitely be a sticking point!!

  3. Hi LRC,

    My name is Ammon McNeely. You're the coolest, most adventurous kids I've seen, ha ha. I've been a climber pretty much my entire life and have mainly been doing big walls for the last 15 years. I've slept hundreds of nights hanging on a portaledge, thousands of feet in the air. Maybe someday I can take you and your dad up on a wall.

    Anyway, I saw a link on facebook that a friend posted and just wanted to tell you that I love your inspiration and passion for the outdoors and adventure. I wish more kids were like you.

    I'll check back and see how your doing from time to time. I can tell you're going to go a long way in life.

    Have fun! Ammon

  4. Oh, I forgot to tell you. I took my son Austin up El Capitan, in Yosemite, when he was 11 and spent 6 nights on the face. He became the youngest (at the time) person to climb the face.