Saturday, April 20, 2013

Night 108 and 109

Hi and welcome back!

Welcome to the new viewer from Australia, and thanks to the people from Russia who keep coming back.  You've become the #2 country in just a few weeks!

Before I forget, I have to tell you about something cool.  On June 22, the National Wildlife Federation is sponsoring the Great American Backyard Campout. You can visit their website to learn about their ideas for camping out in your own backyard.  If you are interested in sleeping outside that night, tell me about your plans!

Thursday night was a normal night, but yesterday evening it POURED.  I went out to the tent last night  and saw that there was a puddle along the side of the tent, so I put the two ridge rests along the front of the tent (which is about 5.5 feet wide) and slept that way instead of the normal way.

Puncak Jaya
We didn't have much time to hike last night, because I was at C-Man's house.  So dad and I just went around the field at about 11:00 p.m.  The peepers were loud to start with, but once we got down to the pond they were REALLY loud.

My dad and I just hiked about 15 minutes ago.  We got to the top in 12:20 and down in about 11:00.  It's a really nice night with a bright moon.

It's time for trivia again.  The highest point in Oceania is C-------- P------.  Can you fill in the blanks?  I'll give you a hint--it's also known as Puncak Jaya.

Thanks for reading!

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