Friday, February 22, 2013

Nights 51 and 52

Hi and welcome back!

On Wednesday evening we got the ice off of the tent because it was warmer than in the morning when we had first noticed the ice. The main reason that my dad and I didn't take the ice off of the tent in the morning was because we were afraid that we would rip the fly.

This morning at about 1:00am my dad and I heard two owls calling to each other even though they were about half of a mile apart. One of the owls was northeast of the tent and the other was southwest. Dad noticed them and went straight back to sleep but they kept me up for about 20 minutes until they stopped.

When I was going inside from the tent today I saw that most of the sky was orange from the spectacular  sunrise.   

My dad and I decided not to hike this morning but we forgot that my mom and sister were going to be gone for most of the evening and that we would have to hike with my 3 year old brother (who's name I can't tell you). Instead of going all of the way up the hill today we just wandered around the field out back, because my brother was running ahead of us, and we didn't want him to get lost in the woods.

LRC and his brother J

We led him over to check out the pond, which was solid ice. I jumped onto it and I didn't even feel any give under my feet.  

Thanks for reading!


  1. heard about your outdoor stay from friends of our's we think this is great, we are from Pa. looking forward to reading about your adventures each day.keep up the good work.

  2. :) Nice pic hiking with your brother! I didn't know they made down coats so little! Glad it's been warming up a bit for you - less ice on the tent is a good thing for sure. Keep up the strong work, LRC!