Saturday, February 16, 2013

Night 46

Hi and welcome back!

When I went out to the tent last night it was warm (high thirties) and drizzling, but over night it dropped below freezing. It was hard to get up this morning, because I was so comfortable under the Marmot sleeping bag. On the outside of the tent there was a bit of ice that must have been from the rain and below freezing temperatures.

This morning my dad and I didn't think that we had quite enough time to hike before he took my sister to gymnastics so we decided to hike later in the day. At about 11:00 Maisy wanted to hike so she and I did the same hike that we do every day with dad.

Our time up was about 13 minutes and I didn't feel like going home yet so we started to explore the ridge on top of the mountain. Before I knew it I was lost and all I had in my backpack was a few pieces of jerky, a spare jacket, a coil of rope, and a carabiner. It took 30 minutes of climbing trees to get a better view of where I thought the trail was and being pulled around by Maisy but eventually I found the trail.

On my second hike of the day with my dad I purposely went off of the trail (dad and Maisy stayed on the trail) to try to find the fastest way to get home because it was quarter after 5 and it was time to eat dinner. I found a stream that I assumed would be the quickest route down so I walked in it because it was only about two inches deep and there were no thorns in it unlike the land next to it.

There was a rock under the water that I wish I would have seen because I slipped on it and fell into the water. My whole left side was soaked so when I got onto land I took off my baselayer shirt and fleece  and put on a synthetic jacket, which thankfully warmed me up quickly.

I have a quiz for you today!  We took these pictures of the trees at the pond.  One of them is actually a picture of the reflection turned upside down.  Can you tell which is which?  Leave your guess in the comments and I'll give you the answer tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I think the top picture is the reflection. Love reading your posts - keep up the great work! Also, stay out of the water- it's COLD!!!!

  2. Really hard to tell! But I'm going to guess the first one as well. And I agree with the Recker family - ending up in water in the wilderness when it's cold is one of my least favorite things! Keep up the awesome work LRC!

    1. Thanks for commenting Reckers and Veronica!
      I guess you'll find out whether you're right or not about the picture on my next post.