Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nights 147 and 148

Hi and welcome back!

We had a wet night on Tuesday.  When I got in the tent I thought the top looked like it was sagging a little bit. After a couple of minutes I decided to push up on it. I then found out that there was so much rainwater on it that it made parts of the tent sag! Nothing came inside, though.

Yesterday my dad, my brother J--, and I hiked over to the graveyard behind the church near our house. J-- enjoyed listening to my dad reading what some of the headstones said. I don't think he really understood the whole thing, though.

Everest in 1963
Yesterday also marked the 60th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay's first summit of Mount Everest! In honor of the anniversary, a Russian BASE jumper named Valery Rozov parachuted from 7,220m up on the north ridge. You can see the video here.

BASE Jump from Everest
Today was my 4th grade field trip, and we spent the day at an Amish farm near Lancaster.  I took a picture of the goat area, where there was a sign that said "Mt. Goaterest."

Mt. Goaterest
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