Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nights 139 and 140

Hi and welcome back!

While my dad and I were hiking yesterday, a rabbit ran right up the path in front of us.  Even though Maisy is a beagle, and she should be able to smell rabbits from a mile away, it took her about 30 seconds to realize it had been there. Once she did, she went crazy. You can see in the video.

Last night when I went out to the tent I saw there was a yellow jacket flying around AND a large spider on its back on my sleeping bag. I shooed the spider outside and left the tent door open until the yellow jacket finally flew out. I didn't think I could sleep knowing it was in there with me.

Dad and I checked out the tadpoles again today. They seem to be doing OK. We put a bit more water in the puddle, because it has been pretty warm and there was no rain today.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey LRC. Can I ask what a "Yellow Jacket " is?

    1. Hi Hunsta! I'm glad you're still reading. Yellow jackets are a kind of bee. If you know what wasps are (do you have those in Australia?) their sting isn't as bad as a wasp, or so I'm told. I've actually never been stung by a bee!

    2. Thanks for that info LRC. I was kinda guessing it might be some kind of bee ore wasp. We have lots here. The Paper Wasp is the worst,