Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nights 122 and 123

Hi and welcome back!

Yesterday after AH came over, Maisy ran away, so our hike was spent looking for her.  We heard her in the woods so we headed toward them, and then AH heard her in between us and the pond. Then heard her in the hollow, so AH stayed above the hollow as I went down into it. When I was about half way down AH yelled down to me that Maisy was with him, so I ran up to him and put Maisy's leash on her. After that we went down to the pond where we found out to the wormlike thing had turned into a lot of little tadpoles!

Last night Maisy slept out with us. While we were talking to each other in the tent AH started sneezing a lot. Overnight Maisy moved from my sleeping bag to AH's and woke me up. Right then I saw that AH was sneezing again so I thought that something was up. When we woke up this morning AH told me that his allergies had been acting up, and that is why he was sneezing and his eyes were all swollen.

Today my whole family went to Collegville, PA for my sister's gymnastics competitions. My mom and dad went to Ursinus for college, so for our hike my dad and I walked around campus. My dad showed me the outside of the dorms that he lived in, the library, auditorium, etc.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for the memories! AH had a blast sleeping with Maisy, ha! I enjoyed the stories of you guys playing with the Chunkies.