Friday, May 3, 2013

Night 121

Hi and welcome back!

Dick Bass on Everest:
April 30, 1985
My dad reminded me that I never answered the trivia question from last week. The first person to climb the seven summits was Richard "Dick" Bass. 28 years ago this week was when he summited his last of the seven--Mount Everest.

Mont Blanc 3D
He also did an extra summit in Europe (Mont Blanc). Some people think Mont Blanc is the highest point in Europe, because Mount Elbrus is in Russia. The name Mont Blanc is French for "white mountain," but it's actually on the border between France and Italy.

Today my dad and I hiked around 8:00 p.m. We went around the field to the pond like we have the last few days. Earlier this week, I put a small piece of the thing we've been watching outside of the puddle. Today I found out that it was gone. My dad and I think it dried up or something might have stepped on it so you can't see it.  It was also dark when we got there, so we couldn't see very well.

Tomorrow my friend AH is sleeping outside with me. He probably won't have a hard time sleeping out, because he helped me test out the tent the day after Christmas during a bad snow and ice storm with high winds when it was probably around 10 degrees.

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