Friday, May 24, 2013

Nights 141 and 142

Hi and welcome back!

First, welcome to the new readers from Qatar, Panama, and Ukraine!

On Wednesday I found out that the spider on my pocket knife was actually the shed skin of a spider. I could tell this because it was brittle, opaque, and had a slit through the back.

Yesterday when I hiked I had to look for Maisy, because she ran away about 30 minutes before I left the house. I was unable to find her, but then my dad heard her barking just as the rain was starting.  He found her a few hundred yards from the house soaking wet and pretty scared. She was so ready to go home she didn't even hike with him when he went last night!

The thunderstorm we had last night turned out to be a pretty bad one.  I was expecting it to hit around 9:45, but thankfully it went just south of us. The radar on my dad's phone had it as dark red, which signals that it's a severe storm.  We had some strong winds and rain, but the lightning missed us.  Here's some audio that really lets you hear the rain.

[This is LRC's dad wrapping up. We went for our hike around the field after he typed up the beginning of this post, but he decided mid-hike to stop and bivouac rather than come inside and finish up. I should have known something was up when he spent 10 minutes stuffing all sorts of gear (including a headlamp and book) into his pack before we left...

When I left him he was unrolling his bivy sack and sleeping pad out in the field. He asked me to post this, and he said to tell you he promises to write again tomorrow.]

Thanks for reading!

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