Monday, May 20, 2013

Nights 137 and 138

Hi and welcome back!

First I would like to welcome the new viewers from Hungary, Dominican Republic, and Turkey. Lately I have been wondering about who is reading in some of the new countries.  I would enjoy it if you would comment to tell me about who you are!

On Saturday night I fell asleep while reading again, but thankfully I had turned off my headlamp prior to falling asleep.

Yesterday when my dad and I hiked we had to go through 2 and a half foot-tall grass that was wet from the rain we got earlier in the day. It was terrible because I was wet up to above my waist and my dad was wet to his thighs.

Today when we hiked we saw a ton of swallows at the pond. My dad took a video of them when they were swooping down to the surface of the pond. You can see one fly right toward the camera toward the end of the video.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi there. I am reading this from Japan. How cool that you are sleeping in a tent and living outdoors as much as possible. I enjoy reading your entries. You are lucky to live in a beautiful place.