Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nights 143 and 144

Hi and welcome back!

Bivvy Gear
On Friday night I bivouacked once again. This time I slept in a SOL emergency bivvy instead of just on the ground. Inside of it I put a Sea To Summit Reactor Extreme Thermolite Liner.  You can see how small these are in the picture.

The bivvy is supposed to be windproof, but halfway through the night the wind picked up and it went straight through the bivvy and liner. Thankfully I had the 40 degree bag with me, so I stuffed it in between the liner and bivvy to block the wind.

Yesterday when my dad and I hiked, we found out that the grass around the pond had been cut and the tractor had driven straight through the puddles where the tadpoles lived, turning them into small strips of mud and water. We were able to get more water into the puddles and clear out the mud so they became puddles again.

Today my dad and I took down the tent to let everything air out. When we were clearing everything out I found a big spider on one of the RidgeRests. We got it out of the tent, and my dad took a picture as it crawled across the toe of his shoe. It was at least 2 or 3x the size of the other spiders I've had in the tent.

Fly-Only Pitch
I tried to set the tent up as a fly-only, but it didn't work. I need to get the footprint for the tent (the footprint is the protective floor that goes under the tent) before I try again.

Maisy and I hiked to the pond again this afternoon, and I took my dad's water filter. The tubes that the water goes through are long enough that I could put the water "in" tube in the pond and the water "out" tube in the puddles and then pump the filter to transfer water faster and more efficiently than just scooping water out with the plastic bowl we were using before.

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