Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nights 241 and 242

Hi and welcome back!

On Thursday a teacher my mom works with was driving along our road, and she saw a horse loose on the road! It must have escaped from a farm about a half mile away. She didn't see them catch it, but I didn't hear anything about it being hit, so it must have been OK.

Matt Greene
I forgot to mention that when dad and I were climbing on Thursday, they had pictures of Matt Greene hanging in the gym.  Matt is a local teacher who went missing in July while he was hiking in Yosemite.  My mom went to high school with Matt, and it turns out he is a member at the climbing gym that we go to.

Mom told me that when she took the dogs out this morning a little before dawn, she heard a noise that she thought was me sneezing.  It turned out to be three deer standing at the edge of the yard snorting at her!  Maisy saw them too, and she was trying to pull mom toward them.   She managed to get the dogs inside, though, and the deer ran away.

Thanks for reading!

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