Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nights 217 and 218

Hi and welcome back!

On Monday evening I slept over at C-Man's house. I went there after soccer practice, and right away we made a campfire. We stayed around the fire feeding it for a while until we set up the tent.

In the middle of their yard there is a hill that is level and large enough on the top for the tent, so we pitched it there. After that we went back to the campfire where C-Man told me that he had seen two bears on their property in the last few weeks. Just in case they came back, we got out our multi-tools and started whittling spears. Once we each finished a spear we put out the fire and went to bed.

Overnight it was very cold (mid 40s). I was in the 40 degree Slumberjack, and C-Man was in a 30 degree bag. I should have been fine, but without the fly on the tent the wind blew right through.

We woke up around 5:45 as the sun was coming up, so the temperature started to climb. We were a little bored so we made another fire out of the coals that were left over from the previous night.

Once we got it going we put two logs on the ends of the fire and wove sticks together and suspended them inbetween the logs. We then got a water bottle, put it on the sticks and filled it with water. Once it came close to a boil we dumped the water into a bowl and added paprika, ground garlic, and another spice that I can't remember.  It made a bland but still pretty good broth.

Deer at Dusk
On Tuesday, Dad and I saw five deer while we were hiking out back.  It was getting dark, and we could only make them out by their red coats against the dark trees.

Two of them appeared on a hill about 75 feet away and actually started walking toward us!  We took this picture of them.  It's not clear, because there wasn't much light, but you can definitely make out the deer.

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