Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nights 221 and 222

Hi and welcome back!

It's been really rainy here lately, which is unusual for our area in August.  While mom and I were hiking in the woods the other day, another unexpected rain came.  We didn't realize it at first, because the leaves in the canopy blocked the rain.  But then the sound of the rain hitting the leaves was loud enough that we knew it was raining.

Canopy blocking the rain

Even though it's been so rainy, I've still been sleeping outside the tent.  I always check the weather before I go out for the night, because I may go for a few days without bothering to set the tent up.  I always look at the hourly forecast, and a few times it has said that it will be clear overnight, but it rained fairly hard on me.  When that happens, I pull my sleeping bag over my head and tuck the sides underneath my sleeping pad.  That actually repels most of the water.

Mushrooms that have grown because of the rain

On Friday afternoon I went for a long hike by myself.  I didn't even take Maisy.  I walked up through the hollow by the pond, spent some time sitting on top of the hill, and bushwhacked a bit coming back down to the christmas trees out back.

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