Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nights 225 and 226

Hi and welcome back!

Before the Wind
During the Wind
On Tuesday night I set up my tent, but didn't think to stake out anything but the vestibules. On Wednesday morning it was very windy, and it caught the fly like a sail.

The tent started to blow around, and one of the vestibule stakes pulled out, leaving just one to hold the tent to the ground.  It would have blown away if it wasn't for that one stake.

I wasn't home, but my dad was.  He saw the tent was about to blow away and used some rocks to weight it down, because he couldn't find any of my stakes.

When I went out to the tent last night (Wednesday), the temperature was in the high 40s.  My 40 degree bag had been outside for awhile, so it was already cold.  I took the 20 degree bag out in case my dad would sleep out, but I ended up sleeping in it because it was warm from the house.

Overnight it got progressively colder, and at the coldest point I think it was in the high 30s, which is good, because I prefer it being cold.  While mom was watching the news this morning, the weatherman said the overnight low was the coldest it's been in two and a half months!

Even though I'm finally caught up with my posts, I won't be able to write one tomorrow.  We're all going to Ithaca, which is about three hours from here, and we're going to leave early and get home late, so there won't be time to post.

Here's a trivia question for tonight: do you know what state Ithaca is in?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ithaca - is it in New York State? I haven't looked it up, and that's what I seem to recall!