Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nights 231 and 232

Hi and welcome back!

Wings Folded
On Monday I was going out to climb one of the pine trees in our back yard when I noticed a cicada that was climbing out of its shell on the tree.  I told my dad to come out and see it.  We wondered if it was dead at first, because it didn't seem to be moving.  Then we realized that it was moving very slowly.  We also noticed that its wings were all folded up on either side of its body.

It very slowly unfolded its wings and spread them out to dry.  We watched it climb out of its shell, again, very slowly.  It took about ten minutes in all because of how slowly it was moving, but after it was all the way out of its shell it clung to it and sat still while it dried.

Wings Drying
We didn't see it fly away, but we did get some video of it finally climbing out of its shell!  We also took a bunch of pictures, which I'll add here.

On Tuesday while I was sleeping a small puddle formed inside the tent, and I rolled into it, but that's not a big deal.

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