Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nights 239 and 240

Hi and welcome back!

While dad and I were hiking tonight, we noticed that about five miles to the east there were very dark clouds, and it appeared to be raining.  We stopped to watch, and almost immediately we saw a bolt of lightning come out of the clouds.

Later in the hike we saw even brighter lightning.  Even though storms usually go from West to East, it looked like it was moving West toward us.

Over the next few minutes we saw quite a few other bolts of lightning, and the storm was getting progressively closer.  We thought that judging from the speed the clouds were moving, we might get rained on during our hike.  We were worried about that, because we were only wearing t-shirts and shorts, so we would have gotten wet.

We were still dry when we got home about 8:30.  Just about an hour after that, we started to see almost continuous lightning near us.  Before long, it started to POUR.  I really hope that it stops overnight, because my fly sometimes leaks, which is no fun.

Dad and I spent about an hour and fifteen minutes at the climbing gym today.  It's just 25 days until we leave for Yosemite, so we're trying to go climbing at least once a week.

Thanks for reading!

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