Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nights 173 and 174

Hi and welcome back!

Greetings to the new reader from Latvia!

On Sunday I forgot to tell you that earlier that day T.S. dared me to eat a cicada. I accepted the dare, so I roasted it in the campfire. Once it was roasted I pulled off its head and wings, pulled out the guts, and I ate it. It was better than I thought but it still tated like seafood that had gone bad.

Yesterday when my dad and I were in our yard we found a cicada that was just a head, wings, and half of its body. Amazingly it was still alive and able to move.  They have been really loud here the last few days.

The last two nights dad and I have hiked past the pond to the graveyard behind the church down the road.  There are a lot of stones from the 1800s, including one soldier who was killed in the Civil War.

Thanks for reading!

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