Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nights 169 and 170

Hi and welcome back!

Welcome to the viewer from Thailand!

On Thursday night when my dad and I hiked we went to the pond. On our way back we saw a meteor. This surprised me  because the next meteor shower isn't until August.

On Thursday night I slept in my parents' Sierra Designs Polaris without the fly on, even though it was probably the coldest that it had been in the past month and half. Once or twice while I was reading I was even able to see my breath.

When I woke up yesterday morning everything in the tent was wet. I think that it drizzled overnight and since there was no fly on the tent it all soaked through the fabric.

Since tonight is the night of the Great American Campout I am having a few friends come over to campout with me. Tomorrow I will post and talk about everything that I do with T.S., I.W., G.S., and C.S..

Thanks for reading!

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