Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nights 153 and 154

Hi and welcome back!

Before I forget, greetings to the new reader from Bulgaria!

Yesterday during our hike my dad and I saw a doe run 25 feet in front of us. Unfortunatley Maisy was not on her leash so she chased after it. But after a while we managed to get her to hike with us. We were both amazed by how fast she can run. When she's chasing something (which is most of the time), she can be on one side of the field, then just a few seconds later we hear her 300 yards away in a different direction!

Later during our hike yesterday we found a bone half buried in the dirt. Dad and I agreed that it was probably a deer bone, because it was about 1 and a half inches in diameter. Too big to be from a groundhog or coyote.

Today instead of hiking I went on a walk with my brother J-- and my mom. During our walk I saw a small rabbit and 2 horses. One of the horses was all brown but the other was brown with white ankles, mane, and tail.

Thanks for reading!

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