Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nights 159 and 160

Hi and welcome back!

Before I hiked yesterday I found a small toad on the patio. At first I wondered if it was one of the tadpoles from the container, but then I realized that they were all still in there, and they haven't really changed any in the last few weeks.

On Monday my dad and I went on a very wet hike. It had been drizzling earlier, but of course as soon as we left it started to rain harder. Thankfully we thought to wear shell pants because we knew that we would be walking through soaking 3 foot tall grass.

That night it POURED, but I managed to stay completely dry. I think that was because every once and a while I would get rid of the puddle (that sometimes leaks) that's on top of the tent.

Also on Monday, my dad's friend K.P. came to talk to me about the blog for an article he's writing.  If it's published I'll be sure to give you a link to it.  After we talked he had dinner with us and told us stories about all of his travels.  I think he's been just about everywhere!

Thanks for reading!

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