Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nights 157 and 158 (my 100th post!)

Hi and welcome back!

On Friday night I took Maisy out to the tent with me. I was worried about her running away again, and I made the mistake of tying her to one of the tent poles. Overnight she must have been bored, because she chewed right through the leash and got away.

What's Left of the Leash
Our neighbor brought her over in the morning, and mom was mad at me--mainly because Maisy had chewed through ANOTHER leash.

Yesterday I hung all of my sleeping bags on the clothesline to air out after the rain, and I put my tent on its side so the floor would dry off. Because of this I kind of was forced to bivouack. 

I used the same gear that I used before, but I was very uncomortable this time. Halfway through the night I woke up hot and clammy. I realized that the bivvy wasn't breathing at all, so all of the moisture from my body was staying in the bivvy. I suffered through that for the rest of the night until it was 5:30 a.m., and then I ran inside.

L.R.C., A.H., and L.H.
Last night dad and I hiked to the pond with Maisy, and we took this video of a red winged blackbird.  I couldn't believe how loud it was! You can see some of the swallows flying around, too.

Today I took my rock climbing harness, some rope, a belay device, some carabiners, and a sleeping bag up into a tree in our yard and rigged up a way to be able to hang and sleep in the tree. Sometime this summer I will have to sleep up in the tree instead of my tent and tell you how it goes.

Also today my family went on a hike at a local trail with some of our friends. Part way through, A.H. (who I've told you about before), L.H., and I went down off of the trail to skip some rocks in the lake. Somehow it turned into a competition in between L.H. and me. We ended up tying with a best of 5 skips.

Tomorrow's the last day of school!

Thanks for reading!

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