Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nights 269 and 270

Hi and welcome back!

My dad and I are posting from the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.  We left San Jose at 7:30 this morning, so the three hour layover is really our only time to post today.

Thursday night the Smileys had some friends over to the campsite and we had a big campfire.  It was the two of them, their Canadian friend Alex, Jason, who is in Yosemite on his way to Washington state, Brian and Raquelle, and the two French-Canadian guys who were stuck on El Cap earlier this week.

There were also two other people who brought a gourmet s'mores kit their friend from Hawaii gave them.  They were really good.

Nemo Moki 3
Mark and Janelle showed us the raw footage from the climb on Wednesday, and then they premiered their next 50 classics video, from their climb of Mt. Fairweather last spring.  It was probably their best video yet, and I can't wait for it to come out.  I'll send you a link when it does.

Mark was telling us stories about the Mt. Fairweather climb that weren't in the video, and he said that when the pilot came to pick them up on the glacier, the plane was facing the wrong way, so the pilot gave Mark a rope that was attached to the plane, and because he couldn't turn hard enough to get in position, Mark had to hold the rope to help him go in a circle.  Mark's impression of trying to hold the plane back was really funny.

Thursday was our last night in Yosemite, and our last in Mark's tent.  He's sponsored by Nemo Equipment, and the tent he let us use was the Moki 3.  It was actually the one they used on Mt. Fairweather while they were tentbound during a storm, and it was cool to think of all the places it had been.

It was a very nice tent.  It's four season, obviously, and it has an extra large vestibule that you can zip off if you don't need it.  It has doors on both ends, so if you're snowed in at one end you can get out the other.  There are two windows on the top, so if you are in a storm you can look outside without opening a door.  If you want airflow, you can zip in mesh doors and big mesh panels on either side of the tent, or you can open the side panels completely.

On Friday we left Yosemite, and because we drove out a different road than we came in, we saw a lot of evidence from the Rim Fire.  For miles and miles almost all the trees were black, there was no brush on the ground, and it still smelled like burning wood.

Not Yosemite
We had lunch in San Francisco yesterday, then we went to Saratoga Springs to camp.  It was nothing like Yosemite.

Thanks for reading!

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