Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nights 257 and 258

Hi and welcome back!

Our Climbing Partner
I forgot to tell you about the spider we saw while we were climbing on Saturday!  Some of us were bouldering, and I almost put my hand on a hold, but just before I did I saw there was a spider lying across it.  At first dad thought it was fake, but then somebody touched it, and it moved.

C-man didn't have a ride home from climbing, so he slept over at my house Saturday night.  Once we got home we watched The Sandlot (which is a great movie).  We both fell asleep while we were watching, but I woke up around 8:40 and went out to the tent.  Dad woke C-man up when the movie was over and he came out to join me.

It was very chilly Saturday night.  The low temperature even went below 40.  I actually wore a sweatshirt to bed, because the air and the nylon lining of my bag were so cold.

Here's a picture of the cake from Saturday. The tent had a little button, and it lit up inside when you pressed it.  There was even a silhouette of someone inside the tent when the light went on.

Sunday night was also quite cold.  With Sunday being the first day of fall, I think the warm weather is over for good.  I'm really looking forward to things cooling off!

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