Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nights 208 and 209

Hi and welcome back!

My dad slept out with me on Saturday night. The fly was on during the storm that blew through, but somehow another puddle managed to form. It was in the front of the tent, so I slept in the bottom and my dad slept about a foot to the left of the water.

Me and the Corn
Dad said he was trying to stay on top of the ThermaRest "like it was a boat," but at one point he rolled off of it and got his shirt soaked. When we woke up I was happy and well rested and dry.  My dad was grumpy and wet. I guess I was smart for staying clear of the puddle.

On Sunday my mom and I hiked. On our way up we realized that the corn had grown over a foot in the last 2 weeks. Right after we passed the corn I heard a screech, so I looked up and saw a hawk. That was at least the third hawk I have seen this summer.  We had an OK time up of about 13:30.

Me Photographing the Salamander
Once we got on top, we decided to follow the trail a little bit past the tree where we turn around. We saw two small orange salamanders, which I think were both longtail salamanders. Then on our descent we saw FIVE more. I wanted to show them to my dad, EMC, and JAC, so I picked 2 of them up with a couple of leaves and carried them down the rest of the way. After I showed the rest of my family I put them in a large bug box with some leaves, twigs and pine cones so I can keep them for temporary pets until I release them back into the woods.

My Salamander Photo

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