Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nights 179 and 180

Hi and welcome back!

It's great to see so many readers coming back from other countries.  I see Latvia, Portugal, Morrocco and some others who have visited several times.  I hope you keep reading!

Rainy Days
On Saturday night while I was reading I heard a noise coming from near the pond. I listened for a couple minutes and finally realized that it was probably one of the owls we hear sometimes. I verified it in the morning when my dad told me that he had heard an owl overnight.  We've heard as many as four of them calling to each other at one time, but I think it was just one on Saturday.

Yesterday when my dad and I were hiking we saw a deer about 60 yards away from us. It stayed completely still and didn't even move when Maisy would run and bark at it. I decided to walk toward it and see how close I could get before it ran away. Once I was about 35 yards away it finally ran.  Dad said they don't see very well, so they rely more on hearing and smell.  Still, I was surprised it let me get so close.

We had a major thunderstorm on Sunday night.  It started with lightning about 3:00 in the morning, and then it started to really rain hard.  I've been sleeping in the Sierra Designs Polaris the last few days, and it kept me perfectly dry.  I was up for a few minutes during the storm making sure everything was closed up tight, but then I was able to get back to sleep.

Thanks for reading!

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