Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nights 206 and 207

Hi and welcome back!

Wednesday night it was cold and I made the mistake of leaving my sleeping bag out all evening before I went out. It was about 55 degrees out, so the nylon lining in it was freezing. Fortunately I was able to warm the sleeping bag up within 10 minutes. It dropped below 50 degrees so I was freezing even in a 40 degree bag, but thankfully there was no wind overnight so it didn't get too cold.

Frog Eyes
On Friday I went on another hike with the camp that Mr. M and Mrs. Q run. We went on a trail alongside of the Lehigh River that eventually led to a pond. Once we reached the pond we were looking for frogs, and I was able to get 2 pictures of a frog that had just its eyes above the water and could easily be mistaken for a small rock. I also got a picture of a frog that was camouflaged in a patch of grass.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Our hike was pretty amazing. I can't believe all of the amazing living things we pass by and don't take notice to. You definitely have a gift with nature and had no trouble finding frogs on your own. Check our rundown for the last 2 days of camp :)
    We are so glad you were a part of camp!
    Mrs Q

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    2. Thanks for commenting Mrs. Q!
      I actually plan on coming to camp tomorrow and Friday.