Monday, July 22, 2013

Nights 199 and 200!

Hi and welcome back!

Friday morning I went to the Lehigh Canal hiking with a wellness camp run by Mr. M and Mrs. Q (teachers from the middle school that I am going to next year).  On our way out on the canal we spotted a green heron on a log. Right after that we turned around and went back on a single-track trail that my grandfather made about 20 years ago. At one point we had to cross a bridge that had a rotten board.  Everone avoided it except my friend R.B., who stepped on it and broke it.

"Climbing Twister" with EMC

After swimming all afternoon at our friends' house on Friday (thanks G.G., J.G., B.G., and P.G.!), the forecast said we were going to have some rain overnight, so I set up my tent. When I went out to sleep, though, the sky was perfectly clear, so I slept under the stars. But of course the forecast was right and it started  to drizzle around 3:00 a.m.  Around 7:00 I woke up with a wet sleeping bag.

Me on the Rope Course 

Saturday afternoon we went to the ski resort that we go to in the winter for the opening of their climbing tower/zipline.  We met up with E.R., A.R., K.R., and M.R. and took dune-buggies from the base to the top where the climbing wall was. We all got suited up in harnesses and helmets and then climbed up the tower.  Once we were up on top, E.R. and I raced backwards on the zipline, which was about 300 feet long. I won, because I am a little bit heavier, but only by a little bit, and we both had fun.

Yesterday when my dad and I hiked, as we were passing the corn (which is about nine feet tall now) we noticed that three of the stalks had fallen in the shape of an arrow. Not only were they in the shape of a perfect arrow, but it was pointing in the direction that we hike every day. We were a little freaked out, and we decided that if we saw any more we would turn around and go a different way.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I think it is really cool that your grandfather built those trails. They were fun!
    Who do you think inspired or influenced your love for the outdoors?
    Mrs Q

  2. Thanks for commenting again Mrs. Q!
    I also think that it is cool. My cousin actually helped him with parts of it.
    I think that both my mom and my dad inspired me to love the outdoors.