Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nights 187 and 188

Whitetail in Velvet
Hi and welcome back!

On Sunday night when I went out to the tent I found out that some of the rain that came earlier that day got into the tent. There were two or three small puddles in the middle of the floor.

Unfortunately the sleeping bag that I was going to sleep in was in one of the puddles, so I wound up having a damp night.

On Tuesday when my dad and I hiked we saw two buck (male deer) about 100 feet in front of us. Once we got to where they had been standing, we found the two sets of deer tracks they left in the mud. We followed them for about 20 feet, but then they disappeared and the rest of the area was grass.

I see that we've had about 15 visitors last week from France.  Are you watching the Tour?  Dad and I watch the coverage every day, and it's been pretty interesting so far.  Lots of crashes, good breakaways, and that dog that almost took out a line of riders!

Thanks for reading!

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