Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nights 318 and 319

Hi and welcome back!

Thursday night: 28 degrees
Friday morning: 27 degrees
Friday night: 33 degrees
Saturday morning: 34 degrees

I'm sorry that I didn't post yesterday, but my dad, my grandfather and I were at the Penn State football game, and we got home kind of late.

On Friday night dad and I were hiking when we saw a black object about 15 feet in front of us.  It started to move, so we knew it wasn't a rock, then we saw its white tail and we realized it was a skunk!

It definitely saw us, but it must not have thought we were much of a threat, because it just ran away while Maisy barked at it.

Did anyone get to see the Leonid meteor shower last night?  It was cloudy here, so I didn't get to see them, but the Geminids are coming on December 12 and 13, so hopefully we will have better weather for those.

Thanks for reading!

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