Friday, November 15, 2013

Nights 316 and 317

Hi and welcome back!

Welcome to the new reader from Moldova!

Tuesday night: 35 degrees
Wednesday morning: 36 degrees
Wednesday night: 26 degrees
Thursday morning: 26 degrees

The other day we got a new Patagonia catalog, and one of the pictures showed a climber named Josh Huckaby bivouacing in Argentina.  Dad said that would probably be me in 15 years (and it probably will), so we've pasted a copy of it here.

I've had five nights in the new tent.  I really like that it has a main vestibule in the front of the tent, and a smaller, secondary vestibule in the back of the tent.

The floor space is HUGE compared to the backpacking tents I've been using all year.  That's good and bad, because all of us can fit inside it at one time, but I find that I move a lot in my sleep, and I have so much room to move now that I wind up sliding around a lot.

I like that the Vector has really fat poles--that means that when it's really windy the wall that's facing the wind doesn't buckle.  Overall, it's a really good family car-camping tent.

Thanks for reading!

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