Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nights 305 and 306

Hi and welcome back!

Friday night: 44 degrees
Saturday morning: 45 degrees
Saturday night: 51 degrees 
Sunday morning: 46 degrees

On Friday night I slept in the bivvy/shelter again.  I used the 40 degree bag without a sleeping pad beneath me, because I wanted to see if that was why I kept sliding out of the shelter.  It turned out that it WAS the reason.  I fell asleep and didn't wake up at all until morning, and I was in the exact same position.  I guess that means I won't use a sleeping pad when I use the shelter, unless I put something on top of the pad to keep it from being slippery.  Duct tape, maybe?

Dad and I hiked this evening and it was 37 degrees!  It was the first time in months that I got to wear a heavy fleece.  It was also the first time in awhile that I had to switch my hiking stick between hands so I could put one in a pocket when it got cold.  It was great.

When we got back, dad and I checked the temperatures overnight, and it said it's supposed to be 25 tonight.  Dad said that since it's going to be cold he's definitely going to sleep out, and we'll zip the two 20-degree bags together.

Solar Eclipse from Djibouti, Africa
Did anyone get to see the solar eclipse this morning?  It was too cloudy here, but I found this picture someone took in Africa.  You don't get to see a crescent sun every day!

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