Thursday, January 31, 2013

Night 30

Hi and welcome back!

Brand New Snow
First, I have to say thanks to the people who have sent me things to make the tent more comfortable!

Last night was warm, but we had strong winds and about two inches of rain.  Unfortunately, a LOT of that rain got inside the tent, so it was a damp, uncomfortable night.

We got about a half inch of new snow today, and the temperature has fallen into the 20s, so it feels like winter again.

Stay tuned for a guest blogger on Saturday!  My best friend since preschool is going to sleep out with me, and I can't wait.

That's all for now.  I promise to write more tomorrow!


  1. LRC, I finally caught up with all of your posts! I admire your determination and stamina, not to mention your great writing. Very cool!

  2. LRC, I think this is great too. And as I promised, I am about to post a story on my blog, inspired by your determination. Even if you dont make all 365 days, I consider what you are doing to be a great success!...Keep it up! RJR