Saturday, January 26, 2013

Night 25

I'm glad you're still reading!

Last night when my dad and I hiked there was over an inch of brand new snow. Whenever we hike we time ourselves, and last night we noticed that the snow seemed to really slow us down.  It took us just about 17 minutes to get to the top of the hill, compared to around 15 minutes with no snow.

The snow also reflected the moonlight so well that it seemed almost like it was the middle of the day at 9:00 pm in the woods!

While we were hiking my dad and I were very busy, because our dog Maisy broke her leash, and we did not have a backup leash with us.  Maisy is our one-year-old beagle, and she really loves to hike.  As soon as we get our boots on, she starts barking and tries to pull her leash off the hook where we keep it.

Right after her leash broke, Maisy started wander away from us, and I had to chase her. While I chased Maisy my dad was trying to tie her leash back together, which must've been hard to do with two pairs of gloves on. I then caught Maisy right as dad finished tying her leash, and we headed back home without any more problems like that.

Last night was a milder night compared to the really cold ones that we have had lately. Overnight it was about fifteen degrees Fahrenheit. At about 3:00 in the morning it was so warm that I unzipped part of  the sleeping bag to cool myself off!

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