Monday, January 28, 2013

Night 27

Hi and welcome back!

It was a somewhat warmer night last night, with a low temperature of 21 degrees Fahrenheit. My dad was psyched last night, because it was warm enough for him not to have to sleep outside. Even though the temperature said that my dad could sleep inside, my mom was thinking of making him sleep out because of the snow that was going to come overnight, but she was feeling nice and didn't make him.  

Testing the ice on the edge of the pond
This morning I woke up to my tent partly caved in by the weight of the snow. It was hard to get out of the tent, because the vestibule doors (the vestibule is the space made by the fly on either side of the tent) were pinned to the ground by the snow. Thankfully, after I brushed some of the snow off the top of the tent, the vestibules and the tent went back to their normal shape.

We didn't have school today, so my dad and I used the extra time to hike to the pond near our house. When we got there we noticed it was frozen on the top, so we tried to break through the ice with our hiking sticks. We had no luck, so we tried walking on it. Amazingly enough it supported all of our weight the whole way across the pond. But unfortunately, it is going to warm up around here in the next couple of days so the ice probably won't last.

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