Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Night 29

Hi, and welcome to the people who've joined us from Croatia!

Last night was the warmest yet. Overnight it was about 46 degrees and it was driving me crazy because I was sweating in my sleep. I slept in my 40 degree Slumberjack sleeping bag, which I thought I might be cold in but I thought wrong.

While I was hiking with my dad this morning my hair got soaked. It rained so much overnight that water was dripping down from the trees and it made it feel like I was in the shower.

This morning I also slipped while hiking, partly because I had a weighted backpack on, and partly because there were a lot of slippery, wet logs on the ground. I probably should have tried to avoid that log. 

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I think we've finally fixed the comments.  Sorry to everyone who had problems with that before.

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  1. Dear LRC,
    We've so enjoyed keeping up with you! We admire your tenacity and adventurous spirit. Keep up the good work!
    Uncle E and Aunt J