Monday, December 16, 2013

Nights 348 and 349 -16 nights to go!

Hi and welcome back!

Saturday night: 20 degrees
Sunday morning: 29 degrees
Sunday night: 26 degrees
Monday morning: 21 degrees

On Saturday night when I went out to the tent I noticed that there was a huge rip on the vestibule. It was about a foot long and semi-circle shaped so it was like a flap. Since the rip was like a flap, there was snow piled in part of the vestibule. Thankfully, none of the snow came into the tent overnight. Other than that the tent was in okay shape. 

Early tomorrow morning until late morning it's going to snow and is supposed amount to about 5 inches. Because of this I'm going to sleep in the L.L. Bean tent in case my tent isn't able to standup to the snow.

Thanks for reading.


  1. LRC, when, exactly is your last night out? The night of December 31st? I'm psyched and will be joining you in spirit!

    You ought to organize something where people nation, and world wide, spend that night out also. We could all take photos of ourselves in our tents or sleeping bags and send them to you. You could post them afterwards on the blog.

    1. Hey Mark! That's such a great idea. I just mentioned it in my latest post. Now we need to see how many people join us! Lynne already said she is NOT.

      Oh, and I can't believe my dad knew your sister all this time!

  2. Hi LRC, I am Mark Hudon's sister Lynne. I know your dad from some of the work he does for my company in NH. You didn't know it, but when you met Mark in Yosemite you were right next to my son and his fiancee. They both remember you and your dad and your story about sleeping in the tent.

    I remember when Mark was about 17 and slept outside in his spiffy new sleeping bag on the snow. He didn't even have a tent!

    (Millie is the cat. Ask your dad about that.)

    1. Hi Lynne! Thanks for your comment. I still can't believe that you know my dad AND you're Mark Hudon's brother. Tell your son and his fiancee I said hi. And tell them they should sleep outside on the 31st!