Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nights 343 - 345 - 20 nights to go!

Hi and welcome back!

Monday night: 30 degrees
Tuesday morning: 33 degrees
Tuesday night: 21 degrees
Wednesday morning: 26 degrees

Wednesday night: 25 degrees
Two Tents
Thursday morning: 28 degrees

Tuesday we were supposed to get 3-4" of snow, but unfortunately we only got about an inch.  Right after the snow stopped, the temperature started dropping.  That night it was supposed to hit 14 degrees, but as you can see, it didn't.

Taking Crampons Off

On Tuesday my dad and I hiked in the morning. It was pretty icy out, so I wore crampons, unlike my dad, who didn't. Going up the hill he was struggling, because we were on the icy part of the trail, and he couldn't move over. A couple minutes later we hit another icy section that was at a sideways angle so he kept slipping. I guess he should have worn crampons!


It hasn't just been cold here lately, the coldest temperature on Earth was recorded in Antarctica on Monday. The temperature was minus 135.8 degrees farenheit. The old record was minus 135.3 which was also recorded in Antarctica.

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